Staycation Getaways

Staycation Getaways

How to Vacation in Your Own Backyard

When it comes to enjoying destination vacation experiences at a fraction of the cost, planning a staycation getaway is your new trick. Simply pick a place to visit and see how amazing some of your options are when you can re-allocate some of those travel funds that you’d otherwise be spending on airfare.

It’s simple: getting your whole family on an airplane can be a costly endeavor, one that has you pinching pennies on the getaway itself. Instead, travel by car or train to a nearby destination and see your options for dining, accommodations, and so much more open up. There’s a world of fun and luxury right in your backyard-you just need to seek it out.  

Enjoy a Romantic City Getaway

A romantic weekend in a neighboring city can be a great way to extend the normal date night. Try some new local eateries (you might find a new favorite place to visit on those shorter visits), explore all the notable cultural hotspots, and take in some live music for a weekend you’ll never forget.

Get Away From It All on the Golf Course

A golf vacation doesn’t have to involve an expensive flight. Chances are you can find a great golf resort right in your backyard. Make it a retreat for you and your golf buddies, or turn it into a resort getaway for the whole family—you can even do both by planning a multi-family trip.

Learn a Thing or Two (In a Fun Way)

You know the place—the art museum or national landmark that you take for granted because of how close it is. Our simple advice is: don’t. When you have great (and potentially educational) attractions right in your own backyard, you have the basic foundations of a totally memorable family trip.

Work on Your Tan on the Beach

If you’re close enough to the coast, you’re not too far from a staycation beach getaway. Loading up the car (then unloading it, then loading, and unloading it again) for that one day in the sand isn’t your only option. Rethink that beach trip as a multi-day vacation, instead of a hassle with limited reward, and you can let an oceanfront resort worry about all the details.

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