Solo Getaways

Solo Getaways

Tips to Save on Your Solo Journey

Solo travelers are by no means lonely!  Nowadays more and more people both young & old are traveling and exploring the world on their own and on their own terms. Independent travel comes in many forms and there are ways to save on them all.

Guided Tours

Many tour operators offer guided group vacations with solo travelers in mind. Look for sales with single supplements waived, meaning you get the room to yourself with no additional fee. Tours with solo options are a great way to stay safe, enjoy the company of others, benefit from the services of a tour guide, and of course save money.


Cruises are already a great value and a fantastic way to see many destinations for one price. Many cruise lines offer all-inclusive fares, meaning everything is included from tips and drinks to port taxes and fees. With your floating hotel as a base, you can save some money by eating and drinking only onboard. Look for cruise lines that offer single traveler cabins or special sales offering no single supplement fee.

Hotels & Resorts

Depending on the room, usually 1 to 4 people can share. Most hotels do not offer lower rates for a solo traveler, though all-inclusive resorts usually do. A surefire way to save money is to book your vacation during a sale. Good sales can happen throughout the year, the best are near major holidays. Think Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the 4th of July, and so on. Be sure to bookmark our all-inclusive page for exclusive offers and discounts.

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