Escorted Tours

Escorted Tours

Escorted Tours Versus Independent Tours

When traveling, you want to make sure you see all of the top destinations and learn the history and culture. Escorted tours give you in-depth knowledge during your vacation you couldn't find by traveling alone.

Pro: Everything Will Be Planned for You

Creating an itinerary for your trip can be exhausting. Booking train travel, accommodations, and flights often cause you to feel more stressed out than excited. With escorted tours, all you have to do is book and the tour operator will take care of the rest by arranging your hotel stays, transportation, and excursions.

Pro: You Can Communicate with Locals

While many people in other countries speak English these days, there are still plenty of places where you won’t be able to communicate with the locals. Since tour guides are typically bilingual, they’ll be able to communicate with locals if you’re having any issues. They can act as your personal translator and improve your overall experience.

Pro: You Can Meet New People

Unless you’ve booked a private tour, you’ll probably be traveling with some other people. This is a great chance to make some new friends around the world. In many cases, you’ll forge a relationship that will last for years to come.

Con: Escorted Tours Can Be Expensive

Many people are turned off by escorted tour getaways because of the price. However, it’s important to consider that such getaways include everything you’ll need for the whole vacation. While it might seem expensive, by the time you add up individual expenses for lodging, food, travel, and attractions, planning a trip yourself often becomes more expensive.

Con: Escorted Tours Don’t Offer Flexibility

Most escorted tour getaways do have a strict schedule and itinerary. If you want to see something that’s not on that itinerary, you might not have the time. However, because there are so many different tours out there, you can easily find one that hits all of the spots that pique your interest. Many tours also allow for free time, so you can explore your destination independently.

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