Historic Getaways

Historic Getaways

Learn U.S. History by Traveling to These Cities

Learning U.S. history from a book is dull. Facts on a page can't really explain the sorrows, joys, mistakes, and successes of our ancestors. Luckily, there is another way to learn-by traveling. If you want to know more about the country’s heritage, try making a pilgrimage to some of the following cities.

Portland, Maine

Today, this city is known for beer brewing and lobster. In the past, it was an important coastal and port town. In fact, it suffered greatly from the Great Fire of 1886, as the town was almost destroyed. To learn more about its seafaring past, visit the city’s Tate House Museum, which was once the home of an 18th century Navy captain.

Yosemite National Park, California

While it’s a beautiful place to visit in its own right, Yosemite also has a historical past you might not be aware of. It was the first region that our country decided to preserve for future generations. Abraham Lincoln signed legislation in 1864 that made Yosemite a protected area. It didn’t become a national park until later, but this is still an important part of conservation history.

Springwood, Hyde Park, New York

If you’re a fan of Franklin D. Roosevelt, this small home along the Hudson is a must-see. Roosevelt famously spent his summers here to get away from the spotlight and recover from the stresses of politics. Now a museum, you’ll be able to learn more about his beginnings and see some priceless artifacts, such as his braces and wheelchair.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

No list of places to learn about U.S. history would be complete without mentioning Gettysburg. This town was the site of the Battle of Gettysburg, which was the major turning point in the American Civil War. It’s also the site of President Lincoln’s legendary Gettysburg Address, which worked to rouse and inspire the people. Today, you can walk the battlefield and visit the cemetery nearby.

San Antonio, Texas

Many people forget that Texas was a Mexican territory. It was the Battle of the Alamo that eventually determined Texas would belong to the United States. When visiting here, you can look at artifacts from the battle, walk through the Alamo itself, and learn more about the 189 Texans who died during the battle.  

With so many historical getaways available, you’d better get started planning your next trip. Stick to a certain theme or time period, or simply visit every spot you find interesting.

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