Family Getaways

Family Getaways

Best Family Vacation Ideas for Three Generations

Traveling with the whole family can be a blast, but you need to plan accordingly. When accommodating three different generations, you want to choose a destination that appeals to every age group without leaving anyone left out (for example, Grandpa may not be too keen on the family rock-climbing expedition). 

And for pet owners who like to travel with every member of the family, be sure to take a look at our pet-friendly hotel and destination options as well. Here are some tips for making your next multigenerational family trip your best one yet.

Make City Travel Fun-Sized

While big city excitement is always an appealing travel agenda, larger metropolitan areas can be daunting if you plan on bringing younger children or grandparents with you. Enter the mid-sized city, a place that has all the action of a vibrant downtown without the potentially overwhelming sprawl. For example, think of New Haven, Connecticut as a more accessible alternative to nearby New York. It’s just a short drive or train ride away from the Big Apple, and has so many museums, parks, and dining institutions to explore-the local dish is the very family-friendly pizza.

See the Great Outdoors

Sometimes all you want from a family vacation is some precious time with your loved ones, far away from the distractions of modern life. For families that like roughing it together, camping is a great opportunity to ditch the smartphones and enjoy each other’s company. You can also book a stay at a charming farmhouse or ranch resort for homey comfort a little less labor-intensive. Maybe Grandpa or Grandma can show the kids a thing or two about how to catch fish or ride a horse.

Go On a Cruise

Cruises are a popular option for multigenerational travel because they’re often engineered to keep people of all ages entertained. Hop aboard most luxury cruise ships geared towards traveling families and you’ll find activity-driven programs for young children, water sports and other games for older children, and lots of fun and fine dining for parents and grandparents alike.

Plan a Stay at a Lakeside Family Resort

A stay at a great all-inclusive lakeside resort, like the Sagamore on Lake George in Bolton Landing, New York, offers many of the same amenities you’d expect on a cruise ship. Resorts like this are made for family travel, so there are plenty of options for sports, food, pampering, and relaxation. Plan some individual bonding time on the golf course or leave the kids and grandparents to their own devices while you have a spa day.

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