Five Not-to-Miss Historic Sites of Germany

Visit Five Famous Landmarks in Germany

Planning a trip to Germany would not be complete without an itinerary that includes visits to some of Germany’s most historic sites. Although it may not be possible to squeeze in every beautiful site in the country, there are some notable spots you don’t want to miss. Below are five historic sites in Germany you should visit during your time in the country.

1. The Black Forest

black forest germany vacation

The Black Forest is as enchanting and picturesque a place as it sounds. For avid hikers, this destination, which is found in the southwestern region of Germany, is a paradise. With more than 160 kilometers of wooded forest to explore, the Black Forest is home to towering waterfalls, lush green valleys, and stunning mountaintops. For travelers less keen on hiking, the Black Forest can be experienced by train on the Black Forest Railway or in a car along the 70-kilometer Black Forest Panoramic Route.

2. The Berlin Wall

Berlin wall germany vacation

Though it may not be as breathtaking as a 9th-century castle or a historic town square, The Berlin Wall is arguably one of the most important sites in Germany. What was once a 155-kilometer wall that was built in 1961 is now just sections of the wall covered in paint by graffiti artists. Standing in front of the remains is a stark and harrowing reminder of the many lives lost when over 70 people tried escaping from the East during the Cold War. After paying a visit to the wall, visit the nearby Berlin Wall Exhibit as well as the Berlin Wall Memorial.

3. The Flower Island of Lake Constance

flower island germany vacation

An island in the middle of Lake Constance, Insel Mainau consists of over 110 acres of gorgeous greenery and brightly colored flower beds. Perfect for picnicking and drinking in the scenery of the surrounding lake, “flower island” can be accessed via a pedestrian bridge or by boat. Budget several hours to explore this charming island and pay a visit to its 18th-century castle, Schloss Mainau, a stately center with historic structures like the White Hall, a gatehouse, and a defensive tower. After touring the grounds, enjoy a glass of wine or a quiet dinner at one of the eateries just outside the castle.

4. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg germany vacation

Although it’s not a historic site in the way that the Berlin Wall or the Black Forest is, the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is steeped in history. The architectural beauty of the 1600s town is largely untouched cosmetically, allowing visitors to feel as though they’ve gone back in time as they wander the streets. Locals recommend walking to the Town Hall Tower, where you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the town once you reach the top. Another part of the town to check out is the peaceful Tauber River, which sits just outside the town walls.

5. Sanssouci Park and Palace

Sanssouci Park germany vacation

If you find yourself in Potsdam, spend one afternoon in Sanssouci Park and Palace, a gorgeous site that is routinely compared to regal palaces such as France’s Versailles. Built around 1745, the palace was constructed for the purpose of providing Frederick the Great with an escape from his troubles. That is why the site is named Sanssouci, which, translated to English, means “without worry.” Throughout the park, you’ll find beautiful flower gardens, thousands of fruit trees, and several greenhouses. Once you walk the long, winding staircase, you’ll discover the Sanssouci Palace, a magnificent structure distinguished by yellow walls and a copper dome.

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