Cancun Vacations

Cancun Vacations

All About Cancun All-Inclusive Resorts

Cancun has long been a favorite destination for vacationers, with its sunny weather and long stretch of perfect all-inclusive resorts along the Caribbean shore. Planning a beach vacation in this resort area is a matter of comparing the amenities and room rates at around 100 all-inclusive Cancun resorts in the “Hotel Zone” and checking availability for your travel dates.

Getting to Cancun’s Hotel Zone

Cancun’s Hotel Zone, or Zona Hotelera, is set on a 15-mile long sandbar shaped like the numeral 7. It is just off the mainland, with a lagoon on the western side and the Gulf of Mexico on the east. It’s connected by causeways to the mainland on the north and south ends. There’s only one road, Kukulkan Boulevard, that makes up the main transportation route. Your hotel will likely be along this route.

To get to your all-inclusive hotel in Cancun from the airport, you can take a taxi for about $60 one way, and there is little room for negotiation (although the drivers may try to get more). A more affordable option is the “colectivo,” or shuttle van, which is very popular. This will cost around $35 one way, but round-trip tickets will save you some money, and you can reserve your return to the airport ahead of time. The price is per vehicle, not per person. There are luxury options as well, and it’s hard to tell the $145 ride from the $35 ride, so be sure to reserve the van ahead of time and make a note of the company name. The van driver will have a shirt with the company logo, and a sign showing which company he or she represents.

All-Inclusive Amenities in the Hotel Zone

“All inclusive” is the standard for these Mexican resorts, and means for one price, you’ll get lodging, meals and drinks in addition to the natural beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula and the benefit of its sunny climate. Nearly all of the hotels in the Hotel Zone offer a swimming pool or two, a slice of the beach with loungers, and ocean swimming areas. Some resorts offer other amenities, like poolside bar service, beach cabanas, spa services (sometimes on the beach) and water sports equipment.

Competition among the all-inclusive hotels in Cancun keeps the prices down, and the variety of amenities expansive. Here are some other resort amenities you can ask about:

  • Scuba diving lessons in the pool: Some resorts offer a partial certificate, which you can complete with a supervised dive in the open ocean.
  • Sailboat rentals: Small hobie cats can be rented and are fairly simple to sail with limited instruction.
  • Personal water craft: These are referred to as Jet Skis, water scooters or sometimes, boatercycles. It’s a recreational vehicle you can borrow or rent from the hotel and scoot around the shallow waters just offshore.
  • Tiki bars, swim-up bars and poolside drink service: The larger properties may have several of these venues, some along the shore with ocean views. Multiple restaurants are also common at all-inclusive resorts, offering international cuisines.
  • Dance lessons: Some resorts offer Latin dance lessons to guests, including tango, salsa and various line dances.
  • Spa treatments: Some resorts have complimentary spa treatments, but it’s more common to have a discounted ticket for a massage, facial or manicure.
  • Golf courses and free games: The resorts with their own resident golf courses may offer free games, or discounts on nearby courses.

Do some research and explore the offerings of your chosen all-inclusive hotel. Be sure to verify the amenities that are included - or not included - in your package.

An all-inclusive resort in Cancun is a fun and affordable option for your next vacation. Come and enjoy a few days or a week in the warm sunshine along an incredible stretch of sandy beach. The sun, warm weather and clear waters are all included.

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