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Known for spectacular nightlife, non-stop action, and warm days out in the Mexican sun, Cancun has it all for the perfect Mexican vacation. If you want to get into the thick of it with intrepid activities every day of your vacation, pack up your sports gear and head to the temperate beaches of Cancun for a thrilling outdoor adventure where you can go diving at world-famous wrecks, walking and tubing through caves at Xcaret, hiking around the pyramids at Chichen Itza, and paddle boarding in the calm waters of Playa Chac Mool.

Dive in head first (literally) to stunning snorkel and dive sites around Cancun boasting exotic fish, turtles, and even sharks. The crystal-clear water is the perfect opportunity to explore the Cancun Underwater Museum full of sculptures and statues with over 500 permanent life-sized exhibits. You can also swim around to find cars and a mini house, all created as a museum to shed light on conservation efforts and the importance of harmony between man and sea. If diving is too hands-on, relax on a glass-bottom boat above to see the same sculptures from a different angle.

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Xcaret Park is a famed action resort packed with exciting activities in the water and on land. Float down one or all 3 underground rivers in an innertube, float in one of the natural pools, or go snorkeling in the large inlet. You’ll also get a large tube to sit on during your harrowing journey through the small passageways in the park. The resort offers exhibitions, lounge chairs, and hammocks for guests to enjoy. Spend a day cooling off in the pool or watch the large birds in the trees from the fresh lagoon.

adventurous cancunA feat of the ancient Mayan civilization, Chichen Itza stands marvelous in the Mexican forest with its highest structure, El Castillo, reaching a height of 98 feet and dating back to the 10th century AD. While you can’t climb to the top of the pyramid anymore, you can see light serpents dancing up and down the pyramid at dusk during the spring and fall equinox. Traverse the 740 acres surrounding the main pyramid for a chance to see where the Mayans played sports, the Temple of the Warriors, cenotes, and beautiful surrounding landscapes.

adventurous cancunAfter you’ve walked around and gotten your fill of historic monuments and ruins in your most comfortable shoes, make your way to Playa Chac Mool, where sports fanatics join and take over the crystal blue waters. You’ll find a variety of ocean sports on these beaches – everything from snorkeling to windsurfing and more. Rent a paddleboat for great views of the beach and waters below, where you might see tropical fish and ocean life. Spend the rest of the day in the shallows snorkeling with the fishes or on land enjoying some relaxation on the beach before your next grand adventure.

Cancun is perfect for a slew of unique travelers, but truly shines for the thrill seekers. During your vacation, take your pick from top all inclusive resorts right on Cancun’s famous beaches and don’t forget to spend some time admiring the true beauty of Mexico.

By: Devyn Woolsey

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