All-Inclusive Getaways

All-Inclusive Getaways

How to Save Money with an All-Inclusive Getaway

For most vacations, you have to book everything separately. Flights, hotels, transportation, and meals are all separate bills. While there are times when you can save money this way, these costs often add up to be more than all-inclusive getaways. As long as you’re smart about your choices, all-inclusive packages typically offer the best way to save a few bucks. Here are a few tips for getting the best deals when shopping for your next vacation.

Be Flexible on Location

You know you want to book a stay in Mexico. That’s a great start! Before you settle your heart on Cancun, make sure you’re open to other options. Because this is such a popular area, prices might skyrocket, especially during peak season. If you look in locations that are a little less crowded, you might be able to score a killer deal and spend that extra cash on spa treatments or a round of golf.

Be Flexible on Date

Resorts tend to raise their rates during peak times of year in order to make more money. In particular, Christmas time and the summer months are when rates are the highest. To get the best bang for your buck, try to visit outside these time periods. Somewhere after Labor Day and before Christmas might be your best bet.

Consider Extra Fees

When browsing hotels, you might be looking for all-inclusive options that don’t include alcoholic beverages. You might be thinking that you’ll just have a couple of drinks each day, so you’ll save more money by buying a la carte than paying an extra fee. However, once you arrive at the resort, you may be in for a surprise; many hotels jack up drink prices if you don’t choose the all-inclusive option. For most people, paying the extra fee for included drinks is well worth the initial cost.

Rule Out Extra Amenities

For most people, staying at an all-inclusive resort means lounging on the beach and doing nothing. While some people do like to participate in water sports, if this isn’t important to you, you should look into a resort that leaves this option out. The cost of operating these amenities might be included in your all-inclusive fee, so staying elsewhere can help you find a cheaper rate.

The convenience of staying at an all-inclusive resort is worth it alone. However, when you take a look at how much money you can save, you’ll see it’s the only way to travel on your next vacation.

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