Thailand Vacations

Thailand Vacations

Explore the Beaches on Your Thailand Vacation

Awash with some of the clearest waters and most stunning cliffs you’ll find anywhere in the world, Thailand offers an exotic reprieve in Asia for anyone in need of turquoise waters and white sand. Take advantage of escorted tours to the famous beaches along Thailand's coast for an unforgettable bucket list adventure in Southeast Asia.

People flock to Thailand for numerous reasons: the temperate weather year-round, delicious and authentic food at affordable prices, and of course, the beaches teeming with marine life and offering backdrops of dramatic mountains. Dive headfirst into Thailand and take a look at its vast and unique coastline.


Located on the southern part of Thailand’s west coast, Krabi is difficult to reach, making it even more rewarding once you arrive. Sail to Krabi by boat or ferry and explore the limestone cliffs with hidden caves and remote coves. If you're interested in watersports or land activities, join snorkeling tours, kayaking expeditions, or rock climbing trips with rewarding views at the end. For a quick lunch, stop at one of the food carts or restaurants and don’t forget to order some coconut water fresh from the surrounding palms.


Home to the most famous beach in Thailand, Phuket is a mountainous island near Krabi full of high-end resorts, luxurious spas, and various restaurants boasting authentic Thai cuisine. Lie out under the warm sun or rent a chair and umbrella for some added comfort if you're spending the day.

Along the coastline of Phuket, you might find street vendors with fresh local fruits and creamy desserts for a welcome treat during hot afternoons. Nearby, rent a jet ski or hitch a ride on one of the banana boats zooming by in the water for a thrilling adventure. Although the beaches are more crowded on Phuket Island, they offer a wider variety of activities for travelers of all ages.

Khao Phing Kan

You may know this beach by its other, more illustrious name “James Bond Island.” This picturesque spot has been photographed millions of times since its inclusion in a famous scene in the hit movie series. Dotted by large uninhabited rock formations jutting out from the water, Khao Phing Kan offers otherworldy scenery you can view up close through boat tours around the small, rugged isles.

Stop in Thailand during your next tour through Southeast Asia to see some of nature's most stunning creations. Along the way, you’ll be able to try delicious food right on the street and mingle with hospitable locals who always know the best beach for every activity you’re interested in, whether that’s relaxing on a deserted island or diving in the clear waters with fish, dolphins, and maybe a hungry monkey.

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