Egypt Vacations

Egypt Vacations

Egypt: Birthplace of Civilizations

The birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt holds wonders and ancient artifacts you won’t find anywhere else. Egypt became a world power in ancient times partly due to its location in the fertile crescent along the Nile River. The country is situated perfectly on the Mediterranean Sea, providing a gateway from Africa to Europe for thousands of years.

Towns and communities sprang up along the Nile between Aswan and Alexandria, allowing easier transportation of goods and people between these cities. You can now take luxury cruises along the Nile and see for yourself what brought forth a dynasty of power and grandeur, although the ships and accommodations may be a little nicer today.

Many of the ancient world’s artifacts have been preserved so splendidly, you can still make out the faces and details scribed on tombs, jewelry, and other goods. The most famous structures in Egypt, and perhaps the world, are the Pyramids of Giza, sitting just next to the sprawling city of Cairo. Out of the three pyramids, Khufu is the oldest, constructed between 2580-2560 B.C., and is the last remaining Ancient Wonder in existence. Take a tour of the pyramids and the mysterious Sphinx to learn more about their origin and construction.

South of Cairo just outside of Luxor lies the archeological site Valley of the Kings, a discovery so great it changed the narrative on the ancient Egyptians by providing invaluable knowledge about their habits, lifestyles, and overall health. Sixty-three tombs have been discovered thus far, with new entrances and information found each year to the delight of archeologists. Many of these tombs are open today for visitors to explore, so you can see for yourself the magnificence of Ancient Egypt in its original glory.

The tombs at Valley of the Kings that weren’t robbed throughout antiquity have had their contents moved to the famed Alexandria National Museum in Alexandria. Within its walls are treasures from the time of Rameses III, Heraklion, and more recent history from the 20th century. Because of its location on the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Alexandria has become an international hotspot for travelers visiting popular ports in Greece and Turkey. 

Perfect for history lovers and adventurous travelers alike, Egypt offers a little something for everyone. Since Egypt is less visited than many destinations in Europe, you can enjoy shorter wait times for popular museums, lower costs for accommodations and hotels and more time to explore the fascinating sites of this unique country in Africa. Find the best hotels, resorts, and escorted tours through Egypt for a bucket list vacation you can afford.

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