The Italian Vacation (3 tiny towns to visit & 3 ways to get around)

Plan a Personalized Vacation to the Italian Countryside

What are the first things that come to mind when you hear of Italy? For us, it’s wine and pasta, but you could be imagining gondolas, gelato, narrow side streets, or lush landscapes across the country.

While the big cities of Rome, Naples, and Florence are wonderful to visit, there are thousands of cities dotted across the countryside worth visiting and leach has fantastic food, sights, and less tourists!

3 Towns You Should Visit During Your Next Trip

Marina di Pisciotta

In the province of Salerno atop a large hill, you’ll find a wondrous little fishing village seemingly from years past. This tiny coastal town in the south of Italy features narrow streets, ancient cathedrals and churches, and the freshest seafood.

You can walk the beaches and maybe ask for a ride with a local fisherman (you won’t find any tour boats around), after visiting historic Cappella di San Michel Arcangelo (a church) and Museo Archeologico (museum).

You can get to this village by flying into Naples, the nearest large city, taking a bus, or renting a car.


If you like Venice but not her crowds, travel to Treviso for similar jaw-dropping views. This city is only 20 miles away from the tourist town of Venice and features the same charm and canals. The streets are narrow and full of redbrick buildings, while the canals are wide and carry small boats from place to place.

mountains and ocean in Italy

In the city, you can find authentic restaurants and shops selling crystals, blown glass, and figurines. Stop in a quaint cafe for a coffee then enjoy sight-seeing and visits to the museums, parks, and churches scattered around town.


This hilly town has a centuries-old wall surrounding it, which makes for a vigorous walking tour. Stop for gelato and admire the view from the hills. There are a plethora of chapels and churches throughout the town, including the Cappella Colleoni, a chapel from the 15th century featuring exquisite frescoed ceilings and marble exteriors.

Italy vacations ceiling mural

If you enjoy museums, visit Academia Carrara di Belle Arti with works from the 15th-19th centuries by artists around the world. This town is great for history lovers, as a majority of its buildings are hundreds of years old, and some even date back to the 8th century.

3 Ways to Get Around Italy


Take a cruise through the picturesque Mediterranean and stop in ports throughout Italy’s coast. You can find itineraries to several different countries in the Mediterranean, with some focusing exclusively on Italy. You may stop in popular port towns around the country like Genoa, Naples, Venice, and Marseille.


If you want a personalized experience completely custom to your interests you may want to rent a car. Easily travel city to city throughout Italy, planning your stops along the way and see what you want on your own schedule.

Maybe you’re interested in a wine tour, or love walking through the streets of the oldest cities in the country. Create an itinerary just for you, whether it be romantic, adventurous, or with history in mind.

Escorted Tour

Interested in visiting Italy but not sure where to start? An escorted tour might be perfect for you. With this type of tour, you travel in a small group and the best part is the tour operator plans everything for you, from the hotels to the attractions, allowing you to simply enjoy your vacation. You can find tours through the countryside or to bustling cities depending on your preference.

Local, knowledgeable English-speaking guides are with you throughout the tour and will take you from site to site, often providing inside tips. Many tours allow you time to explore on your own as well, giving you the best of both worlds.

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