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Hopping on a European cruise is an easy way to see several countries all on one trip, especially if you want to maximize your time and budget. Even though many travelers start planning their dream cruise a year or two in advance, there are plenty of savings to be had on last minute cruise deals. If you have dreams of heading across the pond, here are the best European cruise destinations to add to your list.


Barcelona is a major hub for cruise ships, so it’s easy to find European cruise deals to this city. With warm sunny days, lively beaches, and tasty food, a stop in one of Spain’s most popular cities is a must for many travelers. You can explore the local culture, renowned for its art and architecture, check out world-class museums, and enjoy a glass of wine on a sunny terrace all in one day.


Valletta is somewhat undiscovered for many travelers, even though it shouldn’t be. The capital of Malta, just south of Sicily, is a charming Mediterranean city with astounding medieval architecture, beautiful art, and stunning sea views from the Grand Harbor.


Dubrovnik landed on many people’s radar thanks to Game of Thrones where many scenes in the fictional King’s Landing were shot. The medieval Old Town has a maze of walls you can explore while at the same time enjoying the views of the glittering Adriatic Sea below.


If you only have one reason to visit Naples, it’s because it’s the birthplace of pizza. It’s also famous for fresh pasta, tempting pastries, and unique Southern Italian cuisine. Besides that, Naples isn’t far from the ancient city of Pompeii and is just a quick train ride from Rome.


When you picture Greece, you probably think of picture-perfect white villages set against the shimmering Aegean Sea. Santorini is like a postcard come to life, as it features these villages, black sand beaches, and rugged red cliffs, all on one island. Not only that, you can spend the day soaking up the sun, shopping on the high streets, and indulging in Greek cuisine.


Pull into the port of Piraeus and catch a quick cab ride to the heart of Athens. Always bustling and vibrant, this city has a splendid mix of old and new, with thousands of years of history on display everywhere you look. A stop at the Acropolis, followed by a traditional Greek meal and wine, is a must. The Greek capital also boasts tons of shopping, live music, and plenty of nightlife.


With its relaxed vibe and beautiful scenery, Lisbon is an excellent place to dock for a day or two. Watch the city trams zip up and down the charming narrow streets, listen to traditional Fado music in a bar, or simply enjoy the amazing views from the city’s Bairro Alto.


Copenhagen is a little different from other destinations on this list as it gives cruisers a chance to experience Scandinavia. This city, while steeped in history, is quite modern and minimalist with bursts of color everywhere you look. Sleek and minimalist, Copenhagen is a perfect place to relax and simply enjoy a day walking and exploring.


A bit off the beaten path, Kotor is on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast. It has everything: beautiful sea views, medieval architecture, and winding streets that lead to sprawling squares. Picturesque and charming, you’ll soon understand why it was voted one of the top destinations in Europe.

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