How to Plan Your English Vacation

Planning the Perfect Vacation to England

With so much to do, it’s difficult to decide where to go and what to do when you visit the diverse and culturally rich country of England. Read on for advice on cruising, hotels, escorted tours, and more, to find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for adventure, check out an escorted tour. 

You’ll travel across the country with knowledgeable tour guides who will share facts and background of each of the sites you visit. 

Learn the histories of important castles throughout the country like Leeds, Windsor, Warwick, and Chatsworth. Stop at Stonehenge, a UNESCO world heritage site, romp in the Roman Baths, and visit ancient cathedrals and churches. 

You can find tours throughout the country with stays in cities and smaller towns. These tours are tailored to fit your interests, and most will give you some free time to explore what you’re most interested in. Be sure to check the itinerary and dates to find an escorted tour that meets your wants and needs. 

If you’re looking to relax, book a cruise from or around the British Isles.

Most cruises departing England leave from Southampton, just outside of London. From here you can find cruises through the channels to neighboring countries Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, or go farther with a trip to the Balkans.

If you want to stay in the Isles, you can cruise around England and stop in Plymouth, Liverpool, Dover, and Newcastle. Typically, you’ll stop for the day and have several hours to explore the cities by yourself. This is great for people who like exploring their favorite places, while still having the structure of a cruise.

Each port city has something different to offer, but all have historical significance with architecture and culture. Most cruise lines offer planned shore excursions, which take the guesswork and research out of it, making less work for you. These excursions vary and can be adventurous, historical, romantic, or even based around the foods of the area.

Stonehenge in England

If you want complete control over your trip, find hotels to create the perfect vacation.

Like researching and creating a customized vacation just for you? Find hotels and resorts around the country close to the sites you want to visit.  Love food? Maybe you’re interested in a food getaway to London, home of Michelin-rated chefs and restaurants

Nature more your style? Opt to stay in countryside villages and towns. Many quaint cottages offer bed and breakfast getaways. You may be able to find guided day tours around the town, enabling you to have freedom from a locked-down itinerary while still getting expert knowledge about the country's history from locals.

If you’re interested, but don’t know where to go in England, here are a few ideas:

Stonehenge: This prehistoric monument was constructed around 3000 BC, using standing stones around 13 feet high. The most famous monument in England, this is one of the oldest historical sites in the entire country and gives archeologists crucial information about previous cultures and peoples.

Peak District National Park: A nature lover’s dream with mountains, valleys, and hiking for all skill levels. The first national park in the United Kingdom, visitors will enjoy the pristine environment and nearby villages and towns.

London: Occupied for over 1000 years, London is full of numerous historical sites easily accessible by tourists. Visit Westminster Abbey, where coronations have taken place since 1066. Then head to the Tower of London, where countless unfortunate subjects were killed, including Anne Boleyn. You can visit castles like Buckingham and Windsor, and listen to the chimes of Big Ben.Tower Bridge in London

The Roman Baths: Attracting one million visitors a year, the baths are an important facet of history for the English people.  For years, these baths were used for religious purposes by Romans, after they had invaded and occupied Britain, and later by locals who thought the water had health benefits.

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