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Finding last-minute cruise deals can be stressful if you're not sure where to look or you don't know what exactly you're looking for. With so many deals offering the perfect vacation getaway every day, it can be hard to know which packages give you the best perks for the best bargain, while still making sure that you can plan a trip that accommodates everyone's schedule. Whether you're looking to travel solo, with family, or with friends, sifting through hundreds of different vacation packages can be draining. Luckily, when you're looking at the best cruise lines, we've already done the hard part for you. 

Best Cruise Line for Kids

Planning to take a trip with the whole family? Royal Caribbean Cruise Line offers some of the best family-oriented vacations out there. Not only does Royal Caribbean  have some of the largest ships, but they also have a fairly large selection of family-friendly activities to keep the whole crowd entertained. To make things even better, Royal Caribbean family cruise packages offer a variety of kids’ clubs that are suitable for toddlers, kids, tweens, or teens, including workshops, arcades, theaters, and much more. Choose to join in on family-inclusive activities, or let program counselors take over while you get a little R&R. 

Best Cruise Line for Adults

Adult-only cruises can be life-changing when you're looking for a little more luxury on your getaway. Not only are these tours great if you’re looking for romantic vacations, but they typically offer a little more of a personalized experience when it comes to services and sophistication. Think of upscale amenities and all-inclusive packages that give you peace of mind while you travel. 

When you’re looking at the best deals and itineraries on the market, you can easily choose between adult-only cruises or cruise lines that offer adult-only activities. The main difference is that cruise lines with adult-only excursions or packages, often have areas on the ship where you can travel with the whole family but have an adult-only space to enjoy cocktails and ultimate relaxation.

Norwegian Cruise Line, Viking Ocean Cruises, and Virgin Voyages are all top contenders when it comes to adult-oriented getaways. You’ll get the big-ship experience while not having to worry about children running around on board.

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Top Cruise Lines in Comparison 

There’s no shortage of deals out there, which can make choosing the best getaway a little tricky. Luckily, when you’re sifting through those last-minute cruise deals, you can generally determine which trips best meet your needs based on the level of comfort and the trip style you’re looking for. Let’s look at a few common differences among some of the best cruise lines out there.

Technically Princess Cruises and Carnival are both owned by Carnival Corporation, but they do vary in what they offer. Carnival tends to offer activities and cruise packages that are geared towards a younger crowd, specializing in family getaways while Princess offers a bit more of a sophisticated vibe. Carnival Cruises also tend to carry more guests than Princess, giving you a bigger ship but not necessarily more space.

Compared to other cruise lines like Celebrity Cruises, you’re typically trading out the level of luxury and extent of service. For example, Carnival serves out more American-style foods like burgers while Celebrity brings you Michelin-star options and a bit more of an upper-class arrangement of activities. 

For a balanced trip that brings you a nice blend of both family-oriented activities and modern luxury, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean are great alternatives. Norwegian ships are a bit bigger in comparison to Celebrity, but their all-inclusive packages greatly make up for the potential of dealing with larger crowds on board. Royal Caribbean is very similar to Norwegian in a lot of ways, but the cruise line offers a larger lineup of ships, meaning you’ll have more options when it comes to booking a trip throughout the year. Both Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have all-inclusive luxury packages and global itineraries.

While one cruise line isn’t necessarily better than the other, they’re worlds apart when it comes to what they offer and what you might be looking for on a trip. For the best deals daily, sign up for our newsletter and get the first-class treatment on finding your next vacation getaway.

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