For Travelers on a Budget, New Orleans Has It All

New Orleans Activities for Budget Travelers

Deals on hotels in New Orleans will get you started on a great budget getaway. The city’s affordable eats and inclusive spirit will take care of the rest.

You’re planning a city getaway, but you have a few guidelines. You want a destination that screams “fun,” accommodations that offer top-quality comfort and service, and you want all of this for a price that won’t leave you questioning your financial decisions during the trip itself.

If you live near New Orleans, this is already a no-brainer—just hop in the car and drive! But even if New Orleans isn’t road trip material, it still makes for a great place to plan your next vacation. With some of the best affordable food in the country (hot tip: everything in New Orleans is delicious), and loads of free entertainment (you can barely walk a block without hearing live music), New Orleans lets you have the time of your life without going over-budget. 

With great deals on hotels in New Orleans through Dunhill Travel Deals, you’ll enjoy plenty of savings. Expect the time of your life, served with that signature Southern hospitality that keeps many guests coming back for more.

Cheap Eats

While New Orleans has loads of fine dining options, some of the best and authentic regional cuisine is on the casual side. That means most local staples, like the belly-busting po’ boys at Domilise’s and the world-famous fried chicken at Willie Mae’s Scotch House, will fall right into your budget. 

A Wine Bar Experience

Bacchanal has built up quite the reputation, and with good reason. The location, with its ornately decorated backyard in the magical Bywater, makes it one of best wine bars in the country. That said, what keeps many coming back is the prices. Because customers buy their wine from the bar’s shop at retail price (with a minor uncorking fee), a bottle costs much less than it normally would.

Music Everywhere

You can find entertainment basically everywhere you go in New Orleans: on the streets, in the bars, at the jazz clubs, and even in the lobby of many New Orleans hotels. Basically, you never have to go very far, or spend very much, to experience the city’s rich musical traditions.

Martinis That Cost Less Than a Dollar

cheap martini new orleans

Sure, a high-priced meal may be a prerequisite to enjoying this deal, but what a deal! Head to Commander’s Palace, one of New Orleans’ most famous old-school dining establishments, and order a martini (or two, or three). These well-made, strong cocktails only cost 25 cents each, so you can spend whatever you would have spent on drinks on your meal.

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