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Explore Australia with Curated Itineraries
Discover Melbourne & the Outback

Experience the vast and beautiful continent down under on this six-day tour of the city of Melbourne and the mysterious Outback. Your trip will include hotels, meals and tours of the cultural and natural wonders of Australia. You'll meet the local wildlife, including penguins, and have a chance to dine under the stars. Book now and see Australia up close.

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If you ever wanted to take an African Safari or a cruise to Iceland or Antarctica, you'll find low-cost international travel deals on this page. We look for cruise, tour and resort deals in the far corners of the world to bring you the opportunity to take a special vacation, escorted tour or land and sea excursion. Plan the extraordinary trip of a lifetime here.

Ideas for Bucket List Trips

Exotic vacations and cheap vacations aren’t mutually exclusive at Dunhill Travel Deals. We make it our goal to bring you the best international travel packages out there. All of our deals offer the best bang for your buck, taking you all over the world--including Africa!--and allowing you the opportunity to see the world through a different lens.

Adventure is the key when you book one of our Africa vacation packages. The continent’s impressive landscapes set the scene for amazing photographic opportunities, stunning safaris, and life-changing experiences. An explosion of color characterizes old-world Marrakech, a sun-drenched city where it’s just as common to see a snake charmer as a musician or a food vendor.

Our African safaris are a must if your goal is to get up close and personal with the world’s most engaging wildlife. Enjoy game drives on an African safari escorted tour in the rugged confines of Samburu National Park. Glimpse stunning Lake Nakuru and peek into the world of the Maasai Mara tribes. Even your accommodations feel luxurious—you’ll gaze out at the Ewaso Nyiro River and take in the breathtaking surroundings every morning during your African safaris and excursions.

Or consider heading south for a cheap vacation package. Brave the chill of Antarctica and see the continent’s famous South Pole Flag Mast. You’ll spot some of the world’s most famous glaciers here. Even more exciting are the abundant albatrosses, penguins, and seabirds that call the Antarctic their home.

Cheap vacations with Dunhill Travel Deals save you big bucks while providing you with incredible, sustainable tourist experiences. Whether you’re living like a celebrity at a glamorous island resort or playing the part of the world’s greatest adventurer, you can enjoy the vacation you’ve always wanted through one of our cheap vacations and tour packages.

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