Vacation Vibes for Every Kind of Traveler in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Has Something For Everyone

Puerto Rico vacations run the gamut from beachside relaxation to historic sightseeing. Find out what kind of Puerto Rico vacation you want with our guide.

What are you looking for when you go on vacation? Even though you’ll likely be open to a number of new experiences when you travel, chances are you have a few things that sit at the top of your priority list when planning an itinerary. You know what you like and there’s no way around it.

Luckily, Puerto Rico vacations have a little something for everyone. Want to try all of the best local eats and specialties on the island (and, of course, post photos on Instagram), or see every inch of natural wonder you can in the time you have? Or are you the type of traveler who likes to spend all of your time at the beach?

Whatever you choose to make of your next getaway, Dunhill Travel Deals will set you up with the best Puerto Rico vacation packages to make your dreams a reality. Here are some of the things this sun-soaked island has to offer.

For Foodies

For those who pride themselves in sampling any tasty thing that comes their way, Puerto Rico has many local specialties, like mofongo (savory mashed plantains usually mixed with pork) for foodies. Even for the less adventurous eater, gourmet dining options are almost always loaded with fresh ingredients like locally-caught seafood, sure to please any palate.

For Sightseers

With so many natural wonders to take in, some flock to Puerto Rico for the sights alone. Gorgeous beaches, stunning cliffs, and the El Yunque rainforest, with its wide array of exotic wildlife, will no doubt inspire awe in even the hardest to please travelers on their Puerto Rico vacation.historic walkway in puerto rico

For Gamers

While many will automatically flock to Las Vegas for their gaming getaways, Puerto Rico offers ample opportunities for world-class casino and golf gameplay. All-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, such as the San Juan Marriott and the Hilton Ponce, have every kind of excitement you might be looking for on your trip, plus lots of luxurious amenities for when you want to take a break from working on your golf swing.

For the Water Sports Fanatic

From calm waters for swimmers and snorkelers to the famous waves of surfing mecca Rincon, there’s something for every age and skill level when it comes to water sports on your Puerto Rico vacation. Beautiful blue ocean waters, intricately designed resort pools and several exciting water parks make Puerto Rico the place for anyone who loves to get wet. Just be sure to bring a towel.

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