Outdoor Adventure in Ireland

Outdoor Adventure in Ireland

Awash in lush greenery from coast to coast, Ireland is the perfect vacation for adventurous souls looking for an adrenaline high with a view. You can find run of the mill activities like hiking, biking, and kayaking, but what about zorbing, bubble soccer, and abseiling over the rugged cliffs. Never heard of these? You’re not alone. Ireland is a hot bed for extreme sports, and when the Irish get bored of these, they just make up new ones to test the limits.

So if you’ve got some great travel insurance, a penchant for danger, and plenty of adrenaline, visit these cities that are full of history, but also have everything you need for the adventure of a lifetime. You might need the luck of the Irish to survive them all, but it’s worth it.

Abseiling in Kerry

As described by the Irish, abseiling is the “controlled descent down a rock face or cliff using rope and specialist equipment.” Kerry is the perfect location for this extreme sport, with its famous Ring of Kerry. Rugged terrain and stunning cliffs create a gorgeous backdrop overlooking the sea. Propel down the cliffs and enjoy the ocean mist on the way down, if you’re not going too fast.

kerry ireland

After your daredevil expedition, learn about the history of the county dating back to 1329. If you’re nearby, check out popular tourist destination Killarney, full of quaint shops and restaurants with traditional fare.

Bubble Soccer in Dublin

Bubble soccer is just like regular soccer, except that you’re encased in a giant bubble. This more hilarious version of soccer is full contact, so run as hard as you can at your opponents for a battle to the death. Actually, it will be more like a battle over who can laugh the hardest after being knocked off your feet and bounced around. The game ends when you’ve run out of time or don’t have the energy to get back in the game.

cork ireland

After you’ve taken a nice hot shower, throw back a few pints at the Guinness Storehouse. You can learn about the beer’s history, smell the hops as they cook, and taste the beer right at the source with beautiful views of Dublin as your backdrop. If you’ve got kids, head over to The Little Museum of Dublin, where you can all learn about the history of the city with artifacts and interactive exhibits children love.

Zorbing in Cork

There are several forms of zorbing, but our favorite is water zorbing. Picture this: there’s a giant bubble taller than you with water and enough space for 3 people. You hop inside and roll full speed down a cliff or hill. The scenery is breathtaking if you have time to look while hurling down at speeds up to 32 mph. Experts call this bubble a human hamster ball, so you know it will be fun. 

cork ireland

If you want to kick it up a notch, extreme sports enthusiasts have created a more terrifying version of the sport. In this version, you run down the hill in front of the zorb and try not to get hit. You’ll most likely fail, but it’s still a great time. Since you’ve worked up an appetite running for your life, head over to The English Market after you’re done. This historical center from the 18th century holds food vendors from around the county who sell delicious and hot homemade food.

Ziplining in Wicklow

Known for rugged coastline on the Irish Sea, beautiful country estates set in the forests and large mountains, Wicklow is the perfect escape for those looking to ditch the big cities and get in touch with untouched wilderness. Ziplining is perfect for anyone in the family, kids too, so take them on an adventure they won’t soon forget. You can zipline over majestic waterfalls, mountains, valleys, and walking paths through the tall trees.

wicklow ireland

If you can’t handle the heights, set out on a journey through Wicklow Mountains National Park, a 50,000-acre protected area with walking trails for all experience levels. For a historical experience, visit Powerscourt Estate, a large country house dating from the 13th century and full of manicured lawns, a golf club, and even a luxury hotel.
By: Devyn Woolsey

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