Big Island Hotels

Big Island Hotels

Hawaiian Adventures on the Big Island

For those looking for a Hawaiian adventure filled with unique natural wonders, incredible beaches, year-round sunshine, and mouthwatering food, these Big Island hotels can be the start of a great trip. Sharing the name of its home state, the island of Hawaii is distinguished by its size, hence the nickname “Big Island.”

By listing the best hotels to fit your every need on the Big Island, Dunhill Travel Deals will connect you with a memorable Hawaii vacation. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to take our little tour of The Big Island first to get a sense of what this lush paradise is all about.  

The Big Island is where you’ll find some of the best Hawaii hotels, especially in the popular Kailua-Kona Coast area on the island’s western side. Kona is known for its locally sourced coffee, so be sure to grab a fresh cup while you’re there. From here, you can explore other parts of the island that are undeveloped, and see both green and black-sand beaches.

Across the way, on the eastern coast, you’ll find Hilo, a charming town and home of the popular Hilo Hattie shopping chain—a great place to buy gifts and souvenirs. North of Hilo, ample hiking opportunities are found on the Hamakua Coast, with scenic waterfalls and breathtaking ocean views. Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the island’s southeastern side, and you may even catch a glimpse of an active lava flow.

Whether you’re planning a single island trip or making a few stops along the Hawaiian Island chain, Dunhill Travel Deals will help you find the perfect Hawaiian hotel deal. 

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