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Traveling has the incredible power to transform our lives, broadening our perspectives, and opening our hearts and minds to new cultures and experiences. When it comes to embarking on a truly immersive and life-changing adventure in India, Acqua Travels turns your dream into reality.

Recently Mike and his wife, Joanna, from Los Angeles, traveled to India and had the ease of enjoying their journey stress-free by customizing their tours, blending with the colorful Indian culture, and weaving beautiful memories. Though Mike had been to India before, it was his wife's first visit, and they chose Acqua this time. Wondering the kind of experience they had? Read ahead.

Why choose Acqua Travels?

At Acqua, the main mission is to take the hassle out of travel planning. They're all about customizing travel plans and connecting you with local experts who know India and over 40 destinations like the back of their hand.

Acqua wants you to have a journey that's not only fun but also transformative. That's why the local experts work tirelessly to curate experiences that allow you to discover the real essence of each place and grow personally along the way.

What would you experience with Acqua?

Traveling opens doors to personal growth, cultural exploration, and the discovery of new passions. It has the power to ignite inspiration, transform lifestyles, and infuse daily routines with a profound sense of joy and purpose.

Acqua's private India tours are designed to engage you in the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture. Through interactions with locals, you'll gain profound insights into the traditions, customs, and way of life that define this incredible nation.

Our travelers Mike and Joanna attended cultural shows in Rajasthan to understand more about India's culture and had the time of their lives. They even participated in a sacred ceremony on the banks of the Pushkar Lake, witnessing the devotion and spirituality that permeates the air.Holy Lake and Pushka

They were also looking for something special during their trip to India, so they opted for a food tour in Old Delhi. They wanted to taste the real flavors of the city and dive into its vibrant culinary scene. Our local destination expert, who knows the ins and outs of Delhi, arranged the perfect food tour for them.

They had a blast as they strolled through the bustling lanes of Old Delhi, indulging in delicious Indian food along the way. It was an experience they'll never forget, all thanks to Acqua's personalized approach. 

These are the moments that make Acqua's India private tours truly transformative, fostering a deep connection with the people and culture of India. Even though it was Mike's second time in India, it was better than his first!

Embracing the Spirit of Bespoke India Tours

Acqua's commitment to custom travel extends beyond creating personalized itineraries. They strive to ensure that every aspect of your journey exceeds expectations.

From luxury accommodation that reflects the essence of India's rich heritage to transportation that provides comfort and convenience, Acqua leaves no stone unturned in delivering an exceptional travel experience.

The couple traveled on one of Acqua's India custom tours, which was not just a journey; but an immersion into the soul-stirring beauty, rich traditions, and vibrant tapestry of India. Since they wanted to shop for the best handicrafts and Indian clothes, our tour experts added one of the famous markets of Udaipur (Hathipole) to their itinerary. Joanna bought a traditional Indian dress and took a step towards blending herself with the country's pure spirit.
Traditional Indian clothes and accessories market at Udaipur

Should you also customize your trip with Acqua like Mike and Joanna did?

You won't regret entrusting your trip to Acqua! If the thought of planning your own trip gives you a headache, let us take care of it all. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey while they handle the nitty-gritty details. Share what you expect and are looking forward to experiencing at your travel destination with the local expert, and they'll make the custom itinerary for you.

If you're craving an authentic and personalized experience, Acqua is the way to go. They've got your back with top-notch customer service and reliable travel insurance so you can have peace of mind throughout your adventure.

What Mike and Joanna have to say

According to Mike and Joanna, this is how they feel about their India private tour with Acqua:

"We took a trip to India with Acqua Travels and my wife was the happiest I have ever seen on any trip. We had an incredible experience. I visited India for the second time and explored the country much better this time. We loved the fact that our tour was customized to our interests. We were able to choose the places we wanted to visit, the activities we wanted to do, and the kind of food we wanted to eat. Every tiny detail was taken care of before we got there, and we knew already exactly where to go shopping! This made our trip so much more enjoyable, and it allowed us to connect with India on a personal level."

You read about the amazing adventure this lovely couple had while traveling to India with Acqua. Don't wait any longer—why not embark on your own unforgettable journey with Acqua Travels? Book a customized tour with them to your dream destination and have the vacation you've been waiting for so long now.

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