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London, Paris & Rome 6+ Night Getaways
Local Host & guided sightseeing

See three of the most fascinating ancient cities of Europe on one 6-night tour. Spend two nights each in London, Paris and Rome, or customize your vacation any way you like. You'll enjoy elegant hotels and a full breakfast each morning, plus guided sightseeing with a knowledgeable local host. This is truly the right way to see the capitals of Europe and learn the culture, art and history of these great cities.

London Vacation Deals

For history, Old World charm and natural beauty, it's hard to imagine a better destination than England. A trip to England to see Stone Henge, Westminster Cathedral or the land of Shakespeare will be long remembered for the friendly welcome and royal treatment you'll receive. Here are some offers to help you plan a historic vacation in England.

6-Nt London, Paris & Rome Vacation
  • Save 25% off regular price
  • See famous landmarks in each city
  • Local Host can recommend insider tips
4-Nt Paris & London Sightseeing Vacation
  • Save 25% off regular price
  • Includes your choice of hotels
  • Spend 2 nights in each city
9-Nt Amsterdam, Paris & London Tour
  • Save 25% off regular price
  • Spend 3 nights in each city
  • Cruise canals, see cathedrals, more!
3-Nt Amsterdam, 3-Nt Paris & 3-Nt London
  • Local Host & guided sightseeing
  • Hotel reservations & daily breakfast
  • Upgrades & customization available
London 2+ Night Getaways incl. Tours
  • Includes the services of a Local Host
  • Additional UK itineraries are on sale
  • Upgrades & customization available

Types of London Vacation Packages

England vacation packages offer an excellent way to experience the beauty of the country. This storied destination is renowned for its historic landmarks, picturesque countryside, and iconic capital city.

There are countless London tours, all offering the sights you’ve only seen on television and read about in books. Witness the colorful changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Look up: Is the flag atop the palace, waving in the wind throughout the day? That means the Queen is home.

Art lovers can browse the British Museum’s incredible selection of ancient artifacts, many of which arrived from Babylonia, Assyria, and China. The Rosetta Stone has been on display since the early 19th century, while the Egyptian mummy hall showcases mummies and portraits that provide a glimpse into the culture’s burial rites and traditions.

No London tour is complete without a visit to Big Ben, the giant clock that sits near the Houses of Parliament. Take a tour of the country’s government buildings—you may even catch a debate while you’re there. If you prefer, indulge your inner tourist at Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. Both are lively, historic areas where people-watching is prime entertainment.

Make like a proper Englishman or woman and stroll the brilliant arcades at Covent Garden Market. This farmer’s market is jam-packed with kiosks and stalls hawking everything you could imagine. Local produce, chocolates, flowers, and handmade jewelry are always in season.

No matter your activity of choice during your London tour, you’ll enjoy the creature comforts of home—and then some. London hotels offer opulence, elegance, and practicality all at once. Spa treatments, fitness centers, and fine dining options are all standard.

Don’t wait to book a luxury England vacation package. A vacation with Dunhill Travel Deals is your chance to experience this beautiful country at its best. Whether you’re the adventurous sort or more of a shopping connoisseur, our London tours will leave a lasting impression.

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