Funny Travel Typos from Around the Interwebs

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Travel Deals and Funny Typos

Happy April Fools’ Day!

In honor of April 1 and all those funny mistakes we see in our travels, here are actual typos found on the internet in travel offers, travel websites (including our own) and in emailed travel newsletters. Enjoy!

  • The Haven Suites offer 24-hour butter service. (Because you never know when you might need some.)
  • Suite cabins include stylish furnishings with marble bathrobes. (Ouch!)
  • No matter your preference, you’re guaranteed to have a great time as you sail to Florence on your Bahamas cruise. (Can we get a map check, please?)
  • Book an invigorating message at the Lotus Spa. (Spell check wouldn’t catch this one.)
  • Press your luck at Gatsby’s Casino. (Did you mean TRY your luck?)
  • Every room comes with free wife. (No comment.)
  • Pet-friendly property with heated outdoor poo (Most likely from the pets? This one ran up against our 45-character limit.)
  • Thank you for taking the time to write a review about your stay in our resort. We value your detailed suggestions as our guest’s feedback is truly important for us and we will consciously revise all of your remarks. (No charge for the editing!)
  • This restaurant in the Philippines offers its guests to eat their feet in the water. An artificial waterfall was built for the occasion. (Thanks, I think I’ll have the salad.)

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We don’t want to know what “bugger markets” are.

And, finally,


Funny, there IS a smell in my pocket! But we’re pretty sure they meant “shell.”

Happy April Fools’ Day! We’ll keep collecting travel typos and blunders and if you see any in your travels, please post them on our Facebook page.

happy dog laughs at Funny Travel Deals typos from the web.

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